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Pavtools Precision Aviation Tools; Rivet Tools





Our automation technology provides a new way to set solid-core rivets for the aerospace industry. Uniquely, our tools can be attached to conventional hand-held pneumatic rivet gun and bucking bar equipment to convert this equipment into hand-held fully automated rivet drivers. This eliminates a list of  possible manufacturing errors.

This flexibility allows mechanics to use familiar equipment, to work in tight spaces, and to focus on assembly rather than the keen artform of manually setting error free rivets. The mechanical kinematics designed into the tools allow for other transformative benefits in manufacturing. For example, our tools can also be attached to lower-mass robotic machinery and still achieve set rivets with ~10x higher precision tolerance control than competitors. 

The proprietary sensor is the world's only to use a proximally located frame-of-reference technology to measure the forming rivet head relative to an airframe surface—as the rivet undergoes plastic. The sensor head:

  1. Measures the protruding shank length

  2. Calculates the desired button “set height”

  3. Continuously monitors the forming rivet head

  4. Stops the rivet driver when the rivet is set


Our kinematic machine design provides more manufacturing advantages compared to our competitors, some of these include:

  • Low up-front capital costs for automated assembly

  • Speed to automation - a few days of training

  • Ability to work in tight spaces

  • Error free rivet sets

  • LED lights aid communication between mechanics

We manufacture and license our tools and technology and provide full-service maintenance and repair services. Please contact us to setup an on-site factory demonstration.

Pavtools Precision Aviation Tools; Rivet Tools
About Pavtools: Pavtools Precision Aviation Tools; Rivet Tools
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