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Product: Pavtools Precision Aviation Tools; Rivet Tools

Capability Synopsis

  1. Automate rivet assembly processes for product consistency

  2. Eliminate factory rework

  3. Material “carbon-fiber friendly”

  4. Compatible with universal and flush rivet heads

  5. Accommodate dimpled “thin skin” rivet sets

  6. LED lights provide visual communication between mechanics

  7. Low skill level required

  8. Minimal training needed

  9. No setup time

  10. Reduce manufacturing costs

To sign up to get on the waiting

list for an on-site demonstration please contact us.


​Products and Services

Please contact us for an on-site demonstration.

  • We license our tools and our technology.

  • We provide on-site training and support service.

  • We provide tool maintenance and repair services. 

Product List

  • Power Supply Unit

  • Sensor Head Unit

  • System Control Unit

  • Specialized Bucking Bars

  • Misc. Supplies

Tool Quality

We are an OEM, every tool is machined, assembled, factory calibrated, tested, and shipped with its calibration sheet. Each tool self-checks its calibration to ensure reliability and flags itself inoperable if an error or deviation is detected. Steel tooling matches industrial standards and all component specs are verified to match design specifications.


Anything Aerospace

Our tools can be used by OEM, FBO, AOG, and MRO on any fixed wing or rotor craft  assembly and spanning across military, commercial, and private market sectors. Our tools produce higher value finished aircraft. 

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