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Industry Need:

  1. Correctly installing solid-core rivet fasteners requires skilled mechanics. Yet often rivets are driven incorrectly which requires removal and rework that sometimes involves repairing the airframe.

  2. Our competitors' robotic automation equipment has a high capital cost, normally reserved only for mature aircraft.

  3. Our competitors' robotic automation equipment use a distal fixed frame-of-reference to measure the forming button head. This requires high mass fixtures and stiff robotic linkages.

Our Solution:

  1. We offer cost effective automation - our technology can be attached to conventional pneumatic rivet gun or bucking bar equipment to fully automate the rivet setting process. Key advantages include:

    • Fast track to automation

    • Small form factor (operates in small spaces)

    • Portable​

    • Low mass

    • Minimal training

    • No setup time

  2. Our sensor head product can also be attached to robotic machinery to reduce the need for massive fixtures to maintain a 3D reference position.

  3. The proprietary sensor head measures the protruding shank length, calculates the desired button “set height”, continuously monitors the forming rivet head, and stops the rivet driver when the rivet is set.

  4. Other sensors operate LED lights to help mechanics communicate.

  5. To ensure reliable accuracy, our tools autonomously "self-check" their calibration and flag inoperable if an error or deviation is detected.

  6. We significantly reduce vibration causing "white finger" worker injury.

  7. Quality - we offer data logging capability that provides "time-stamped" QA/QC log of rivet data sets.

  8. We can automate a factory with few days of on-site training.

  9. Our tools eliminate manufacturing defects. 

Learn More: Pavtools Precision Aviation Tools; Rivet Tools

Photo of Competitor Tools

Learn More: Pavtools Precision Aviation Tools; Rivet Tools

Photo of Competitor Tools

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